1960s B.H. Wragge Dress
1990s Givenchy Wool Tweed 1940s Black Crepe Dress 1950s Mexican Wool Felt Jacket 1950s Dior New Look Dress
1960s B.H. Wragge Dress
1990s Givenchy Wool Tweed
1940s Black Crepe Dress 1950s Mexican Wool Felt Jacket 1950s Dior New Look Dress

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We Buy Vintage Clothing

We buy antique and vintage clothing. One piece or whole estates. Also vintage patterns. Don't throw it away sell it to me! E-mail me and lets talk!  If you don't see the item you want or are looking for something special feel free to email us at:

Quality Fashion is Always in Style

Woodland Farms Antiques is pleased to showcase stylish clothing and accessories dating from the Civil War through the 1990s at the Vintage Designer Clothing Boutique at Woodland Farms Antiques.

Our collection of designer vintage clothing is one of the largest you’ll find anywhere, and we take great care in selecting and offering for sale only those items that are in excellent condition – ready to wear today.

Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s clothing, accessories, or even lingerie from the early 1900s to more recent decades, you’ll find our selection to be one of the most comprehensive you’ve ever seen.

Our 1920s vintage clothing will take you back to the excitement of the Roaring Twenties, while our 1930s vintage clothing showcases a more reserved era in fashion and practicality.  Our items from the 1940s through the 1990s feature interesting fabrics, hand-detailed craftsmanship, and the attention to detail that makes timeless high quality fashion.

This website features a huge selection of our clothing and accessories, as well as vintage sewing patterns, including Victorian patterns that allow you to create looks that have long disappeared.  Our website provides photos of items, as well as detail on sizing and item condition.  We strive to offer for sale only the best quality items of their era.  Our customers tell us our collection is the best they’ve ever seen, and we strive to maintain that distinction.

From mid-century couture to more recent designer offerings, our collection of designer vintage clothing, hats, sewing patterns, and accessories delights collectors and fashionistas alike.   Fashion lovers appreciate the detail and styling of vintage clothing, and we buy only the best and make it available to you.

We feature:

1920s Vintage Clothing – Whether you are buying or selling, we’re here for you.  We are always seeking top quality designer clothing from the 1920s, whether from European or American designers, from haute couture to department store fashion.

1930s Vintage Clothing – The tailoring of the 1930s is one of that eras true delights, and we’re pleased to offer for sale a number of quality items from this decade.  We’re interested in buying clothing from the 1930s, as well, so please contact us if you have something you’d like us to see.

Men's Vintage Clothing – Our menswear collection offers interesting styles for fashion conscious gentlemen who know how to stand out from the crowd.  From vintage letter sweaters to tailored vests, trousers, and suits, you’ll find a variety of ready-to-wear and one of a kind items in our Men’s Vintage Clothing Collection.

We update our site regularly and provide as much detail as possible with each item so you can order with confidence that you know exactly what you’re getting from our Vintage Clothing Collection.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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